Use W,A,S,D to move your character. Use Left Shift to Toggle Walk & Run Double click the interactables to interact. Click & Drag your mouse to look around.

There is no targeting system. Use your mouse movement to aim while casting.

You can find your skills & spells book at the top of the screen. Assign hotkeys for spells & skills. Develop those as you like.

You can find your runebook at the top of the screen. Mark any position & travel anytime. Also you can open gates to travel crowdly.

You can take quests to get more experience points & rewards. Quest giver npcs lives in town mostly.

You will have the (newbie) title until you get Level 20 In this time monsters wont attack you until you attack them. Also you won't get affected from player attacks.

When you lose your newbie title you will able to change your attack targets from right bottom of the screen. (Default: Reds&Criminals) Attack target means who will be affected by your spells & skills. If you want to kill some blue players & npcs, you should set it to "All".

After you changed your attack target to All or Blue Players you will able to kill blue NPCs & players but it's a crime. Players have karma lower than 10 will drop their gold coins in the inventory and they will lose 3x item durability when they die. And you should stay away from safezones while you are wanted because some of blue npcs will attack you.